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About us:

“DCM” is an SEC registered investment advisor. DCM believes that its breadth and depth of experience across investment strategies and asset classes and significant relationships built over the last twenty years, makes DCM particularly qualified to uncover and exploit less-obvious or under-researched investment opportunities. DCM and its principals have significant experience investing in various strategies and asset classes, including, event-driven trading, catalyst trading, distressed investments, restructurings, liquidations, high yield loans, residential loans, and other traditional and non-traditional asset classes.

DCM approaches investing with a research driven approach that focuses on value. This approach combines expertise in structuring trades with a bottom-up equity investor’s perspective of business fundamentals and is guided by the following core principles

• Capital Preservation - DCM believes that capital preservation is the most important foundation of any investment strategy.

• Edge/Complex Situations - DCM believes that each investment should be based on a “competitive advantage” relative to other investments whether that is based upon industry knowledge, strong relationships and/or a special opportunity.

• Skewed Risk/Reward -  DCM believes that the expected upside to potential downside on each investment should be at least two to one.

• Leverage Creates Problems -  DCM does not utilize leverage to justify making an investment with a marginal unleveraged rate of return.

• Upside Optionality - DCM looks for investments with a base case 10-15% return with upside optionality. DCM strives to generate a solid return on each investment with the belief, based on our years of experience, that certain imbedded options in various investments will prove to be very valuable.